Blata and warranty


The warranty for a new Blata minibike is two years from the date of delivery by the official Blata dealer.The guarantee covers proven material or manufacturing errors.
The warranty does not cover normal wear or wear and tear. Visible defects has immediately and no later than 14 days be reported to Kuster Blata Import. We note that in case of warranty, the disassembly and assembly of the defective parts is performed by the customer ! If no original Blata tuning parts are assembled on the vehicle, any warranty will void of the part and the vehicle. Here is the current legislation for racing sports parts in the background. For warranty has, the purchase date with an account to be established. Any warranty claim, together with the parts must for research sent to Blata Import B.V. with transport costs to go and return are the responsibility of the customer.


Racing Parts - Warranty
We also want to explicitly point out that the products are intended solely for racing. For use in daily traffic, these products are not approved, despite the very high quality and modern production methods. More power always means more wear and shorter engine life and all its components.

All manufacturers are exclusive any form of any warranty after manufacturing unless a proven material or manufacturing error. Because this is practically not be proven, please note that all products prior to assembly errors and faults. The guarantee will terminate immediately if the customer changes the delivered product or improperly used. The reclaiming of a component after installation is, unfortunately, virtually impossible. At the expense of the customer, the relevant component is to be sent to the manufacturer. This should be clarified whether a material or assembly error. Consequential damage caused by a defect, as also the influential engine parts and repair costs are totally excluded. We apologize for these restrictions, in the racing section of the obvious, and thus limit the guarantee.